Winnipeg, MB will run the Virtual CASLO XXV from 1 – 23 May, 2021

“Looks like my men are going to break through the German Lines!”

The Winnipeg ASL Club is hosting the 25th anniversary of the Canadian ASL Open this May, virtually.  

There will be five rounds of action in the main CASLO tournament this year, with a twist:  the first 3 rounds will each be one week long, and the final 2 rounds will each be one day long.

  1. May 1 to May 7
  2. May 8 to May 14
  3. May 15 to May 21
  4. May 22 only
  5. May 23 only

This allows for some longer/bigger scenarios in the first 3 rounds. Even the last 2 rounds will be longer than the usual CASLO rounds, so medium-sized scenarios can still be included.

The tournament director is Steffen Knippel, fortified by the Winnipeg ASL Club.

After round 2, any participant with at least one registered loss in the main tourney can opt to switch to a mini.

Themed mini-tournaments will be 3 rounds, each round lasting one day, and curated by some of the other ASL clubs and groups represented in CASLA.  Limited to 4 participants each, the minis will be round robins, with each participant playing each of the other participants in that mini.  Registration for the minis will be allowed for players not entering the main tourney.  Unless demand allows us to run multiple instances of a mini, some players may get shifted to their second choice of mini.

So far, we have the following expressions of interest from different clubs wishing to host a mini alongside CASLO XXV, running on May 21, May 22 and May 23:

  • Victoria – Jungle Fights
  • Maritimes – Former Friends (i.e. side switchers)
  • Montreal – Early War 1939-1940
  • Ottawa – HASLs

For more up-to-date information, and/or if you want to register, please go to the CASLA site here.