House Rules

Because the WASLC doesn’t think ASL is complicated enough, we use the following optional rules in the ASL rulebook:
Chapter A
A12.35 HIDDEN RADIOS/FIELD-PHONES: A radio or field-phone and its manning Good Order leader [EXC: if possessing a non-inherent SW] may always use HIP if it sets up (i.e., starts the scenario) in Concealment Terrain, even if in the LOS of an enemy unit. A radio or field-phone may also use HIP if not in Concealment Terrain, provided it sets up out of the LOS of all enemy ground units—but must be placed onboard under a “?” as soon as a Good Order enemy ground unit has a LOS to it regardless of range (e.g., at the start of the first RPh). Radio Contact and Battery Access attempts, successful or otherwise, are not Concealment loss activities, nor are Radio Contact attempts that result in malfunctions.
A12.36 HIDDEN BU PASSENGERS: Passengers BU in a vehicle need not be placed on-board until their status changes to CE, they are affected in any way by fire directed at their transporting vehicle (see A11.52 & A11.611 for CC attacks) or its location, or whenever a potential firer is eligible to apply an elevation advantage as per D6.61. Whenever any of these conditions apply, hidden passengers are immediately placed on-board, unconcealed, although they may retain BU status if not CE.
Chapter B
C6.171 If multiple shots of Defensive First Fire are allowed against a single target as per C6.17, and that target spent some of those MF/MP in that Location to achieve a higher elevation, and that target’s previous Location was out of that firer’s LOS, then the maximum number of such D1F shots is reduced by the number of MF/MP expended to achieve the higher elevation. See footnote C9.