Elite Canadians II Errata

ELC03 Kangaroos in Louisendorf

  • German OB – the 20L AA Gun should not have an asterisk before the number
  • Mapboard – play area should read “Hexrows 57R-GG, 63A-P, and 9aC-Q are in play”
  • SSR 2 should read “2. Germans have 1 module 80+ OBA with an Offboard Observer at Level 3 on any north edge hex.”
  • SSR 3 should read “3. Canadian at start 4-5-8/2-4-8 are Assault Engineers. Kangaroos are recalled immediately upon having no Passengers.”
  • SSR 5 “High Ground” should read “Canadians must Control all Level 2 hexes.”
  • The scenario should be one extra half turn longer.