WO3 Counterattack at Carentan – Norm vs Ron

At Legiocon on Saturday Norm and I played W03 Counterattack at Carentan. Norm asked to learn something new in our match. His Germans learned to hate Bocage. Norm’s German vehicles had to enter down a Bocage lined road, while his escorting troops could enter to his left and right. He sent 1 StugIII after a concealed  squad looking rather isolated on his left only to find a baz44 toting 1/2 squad. The 1/2 squad wiped out the Stug before being overrun by the escorting Panzer grenadiers. He tried tiptoeing down the main road with his StuHIII and fell to an ambushing squad & leader. Norm sent his 2nd StugIII on end run to his right flank, after he mastered the nasty Super Hedges, escorting most of the VP he would need to win. The Americans had the German left pinned behind Bocage scared to break cover. Norm had been stacking a lot to maximize his progress, but he cautiously stepped out of cover with a 1/2 squad that was vaporized by my 57L with their newly arrived HE shipment( snake eyes )and pinned more with a second shot. Feeling pressed for time he ran his MarderIIIM out from cover, when the Ami gunners Intensive Fired with snakes again. With 3 tanks and their crews dead plus a few more 1/2 squads he was over his CVP cap. A very good game by Norm that my hot dice snatched away from his win column. I’ll take the win, I need the points.