WO3 Counterattack at Carentan – Dave vs Josh

Dave’s Germans held off Josh’s Americans for a victory.

Interesting scenario that at first glance favours the Germans as they have superior numbers and fire power.  However when you factor in the terrain on the southern map (board #54) which is “Bocage Hell”, this slows the German advance considerably. The 4 German SPs are required to enter via the main road at the start of the scenario which can easily funnel them into the US bazooka kill range.  However, with their high MP allowance they can easily exit the North edge within 3 turns (19 Exit VP for the 4 SPs).  This fact make the SPs the primary target for the US bazooka teams and the AT Gun.

To summarize the battle, both bazooka teams couldn’t hit the side of a barn door, let alone a moving SP gun 1 hex away.  One BAZ team broke and ran into the bocage and never returned and the other BAZ broke on its first shot.  However, the AT gun was successful at destroying two of the SPs as they emerged from the woodline into the open ground. The first AT kill resulted in a burning wreck, however, ROF was not maintained. The second AT kill was a lucky intensive fire shot DR of 3. One SP managed to make it past the AT gun using the part of the town and the grain field for cover. The last SP was first immobilized and then destroyed in CC.  The German infantry was held up long enough by the US troops and terrain, preventing them from exiting the board, resulting in a US victory.

Very good and balanced scenario that could have gone either way and may be a good choice as tournament scenario due to the small size and short length.