WO1 French Toast and Bacon – Dave vs Ron

Just played Dave in WO1,French Toast & Bacon. What?  4 German squads against 8 American 1/2 squads plus toys? Crap. What side do you pick? So my Germans come on south edge and gingerly try to cross all the open ground with Armoured Assault. Lost 5 of my 6 tanks on the way with 2 crew survival. I had a 1-2-7 crew and a Hero left to advance into CC  against his 3-3-6 half squad in at foxhole on the far side of the bridge. Dave had broken my battle hardened squad with his last shot & left me 1 shot with my Panthers 3/5/2 MGs at the foxhole pointblank. The dice-gods gave me double 1s to break his last defence and advance into the 3rd victory hex. A very well played game by Dave that saw fortune change hands many times. Luck, the fickle bitch, being just a touch nicer to me tonight.  Thanks for the great game Dave.