S1 Retaking Vierville – Steve vs Tom

Tom’s Americans defeated Steve’s Germans in Retaking Vierville.

It was a beautiful sunny day in June. The Germans quickly and ferociously  captured key buildings in the north-east and north-west of the map. With some excellent rolls of the dice, the Germans decimated the American squads coming from the north. The Germans then made a crucial error high up in the chain of command, the needed squads got lost on the way to battle ( during Steve’s 3rd turn he forgot about them). Fate then turned and favored the Americans. reinforcements made their way through from the north after engaging the German squad on guard in an epic hand to hand battle.  The Americans then made a mad dash to support their fellow remaining Americans in the village. With the American squads finally working together, they were able to eliminate the German presence  in two of the necessary victory locations. Thus ensuring another happy day for the allies.