MLR3 Mooshof Melee – Paul vs Ron

Paul’s Germans defeated Ron’s Canadians in MLR3 – Mooshof Melee

This is an interesting scenario, featuring elite Canadians storming in to try to take a village from some elite Germans, Feb 45.  The Germans get to fortify 3 building locations out of the 5 building hexes required for immediate victory, a fact that proved decisive in our match.  We made some mistakes, like forgetting the +1 LV Hindrance SSR for the first turn or so.
Ron’s first turn was fairly disheartening for him, since my HMG + 9-1 decided to pull out all the stops and broke 4 or 5 units.  It remained effective for most of the scenario, but never as effective as that first turn.  He came in on a fairly broad front, hoping to minimize the open ground shots, to some success.  By turn three he had one unit right next to the big building in the village, tying my HMG and leader up in CC.  Amazingly, even though it was H-t-H CC, it went on for two or maybe three player turns before it was decided.

I played my usual, uninspired, controlled fallback with some success – two half-squads ended up getting broken and unable to rout in the wood before the village, but most managed to get back to the village intact.  My defense started falling apart at the end of turn two, but thankfully the reinforcements came on turn 3, and were able to turn the thrust of the Canadian attack.

The weather didn’t hurt.  An SSR with +1 Mist LV at all ranges is mentioned.  Question – should this have been in addition to the Mist mentioned in the EC?  Normal mist kicks in at 7 hexes, with no LV hindrance at shorter ranges.  Should attacks at 7+ hexes have been +2?  Anyway, we got two consecutive rain WC rolls, bringing the total hindrance up to +3.  When combined with fortified building locations, a tough nut to crack!  Ron closed to advance in, but Fortified building locations occupied by good order troops cannot be Advanced into.  When Ron realized this, he conceded.

Ron’s vehicles were well played:  However, one got Recalled after rolling a 12 on an Intensive Fire shot, and one got destroyed the classic way, a Panzerfaust to the crotch.  His Light Mortars performed well, each getting a Critical Hit, one killing a German leader.  Paul’s sniper was exceptionally active (even for SAN 5) and caused a lot of headache for the Canadians, although never killing a unit, I don’t think.

An interesting scenario, favoring the Germans a bit, I think.  Having 3 fortified building locations is a lot.