MLR2 Troteval Farm – Josh vs Ron

Ron and Josh played MLR2 Troteval Farm.  Ron was defending as the Germans and Josh was attacking as the fearless Canadians.

Germans were mainly setup inside the walls in buildings, some on level 1 and Germans also had some dummies and a hidden SQ.  A German half squad in the woods with the mortar had line of sight through the grain to get the Canadians rushing while the squad with the PSK was hidden in woods further South to hope and get the Canadian Shermans trying to flank and enter from the South side of the walled area.

The Canadians decided to send in 2 Shermans to the most Northern entry in the walled area.  Germans used 6 Panzerfausts trying to get one Sherman without results.  The third Sherman went through the grain and bypassed the mortar hex where the HS passed the PAATC but unsuccessfully tried to destroy the Sherman in CC.  The PSK came on board to take a shot from 2 hex away and made the Sherman a burning wreck.

The remaining Shermans pounded two buildings with machines guns and main armament although one quickly ended up breaking the BMG and CMG with a double on rs then the BMG malfunctioned as the Canadians tried to repair it in the next Rally phase.  Both Shermans were ineffective against the troops in those buildings.

The 10-2 leader stayed concealed and back until the most Northern German defenses on the Level 1 of the stone building were found to be dummies.  Germans retreated voluntarily in the route phase to allow the Canadians to take the North-East building within the confines of the walls.  The 8-1 leader and a killer stack were able to take the German 9-1 leader and HS manning the HMG across the road on level 1 of the building but only after the HMG broke during Defensive Fire.  The 10-2 leader and accompanying squad with LMG rushed the West side towards the HMG occupied building and advanced on the main floor of the building to capture the German leader and MG HS.

One Sherman drove inside the wall perimeter and faced the last building occupied by the Germans while the other Sherman went around the West wall to keep a German squad DM’d and prevent them from reinforcing the last building.  Canadians were able to have a 8-0 leader become heroic before getting wounded and the HS with that heroic leader was able to create another Hero.  All came in from the South East to take the Germans on level 1 of the last building with the 8-1 leader and stacks from the North advancing to that same bottom level.  3 Full Canadian squads, two Heros and a leader quickly killed all Germans on the bottom floor with minimum casualties from the Canadians who took a disrupted German squad on the first level as prisoners.  Germans felt they needed to advanced downstairs and try to get the Canadians but succumbed to the deadly fierce Canadians in Turn 3 of the 6 Turn bloodshed.

Ron and both felt the Canadians overpowered the Germans and felt Canadians should maybe have no more than 2 Shermans.  We think the scenario should be tried like that again.  ROAR had this scenario with 8-6 in favour of the Germans prior to this game so I think maybe the 2 Sherman option would actually give the Germans more of an edge.