MLR 5 Third Time Lucky – Paul vs Ron

Paul’s Germans defeated Ron’s Canadians in MLR 5 Third Time Lucky.

In light of the opinions given thus far about MLR5 we decided to make a few adjustments and playtest them.  We gave the Germans the balance (replacing 8-0 with 8-1), we eliminated SSR 2 (the secret PIN rule), and we gave the Germans four “?” to their inital OB.

Ron set up strong in the stone building across from the cemetary.  I set up strong to oppose him, with a ? + 658 in Z8, ? + 9-1 + 658 + MMG in Z7, and ? + 2x 658 in Z6, with ?+ 8-1 + 348 in AA8 and another 348 in AA7, I believe.

The concealment helped the Canadians survive the initial Prep Fire Phase, with only one stack having concealment stripped.

Ron attacked well, sending a couple of troops around to try for a flanking position.  The Germans used their interior lines well, moving and shifting to counter the hurt the Canadians were inflicting.

By turn 2, it looked like Ron was in control – he had kicked out my troops from the church (the Victory building) (killing my 9-1 leader with no less than three full squads, a 8-1 and a Hero, and causing Leader Generation in the process) but the Germans were holding a line adjacent.  Ron lost a leader to a German sniper at about this time. However, the aggression was also his undoing – a HS that I was using to chase down fleeing Canadian units was able to swing around to the Canadian rear, and after a successful Prep Fire phase, two of the three squads and one of his leaders ended up broken, then surrendering to the Germans.  The Germans followed this up by close assaulting the remaining Pinned 8-1 + Fanatic 458 + Hero in the church with 2 x 658 + 8-1 leader.  The Germans successfully Ambushed the Canadians, and dispatched them all.  At this point (top of 4th), Ron concdeded the game, his remaining forces being fairly far flung and disorganized.

I was proud of my Germans for keeping cool after breaking, and I ended up losing very few units through the course of the game.  (I think the 9-1 leader was my only casualty).  Ron had two Heat of Battle rolls in the same turn, one resulting in making his elite unit Fanatic, the other making the unit Fanatic AND generating a Hero.  And a Leader Generation later!

We considered Steve’s suggestion of adding a turn and having the Canadians come from off-board, but I think adding the 4 “?” counters is good because it can keep the game at 5 turns, and keeps the attack directional.  Ron and I agreed that it felt like a more modern scenario with those additions.