J94 Kempf at Melikovo – Bill vs Eldon

Bill and I played Kempf at Melikovo, a 4 1/2 turn scenario where I commanded the Russians holding a small village with infantry and a 45LL ATG against Bill’s Germans consisting of infantry, a flame thrower tank and a Pz IV.  In this 4 1/2 turn game I would receive a KV I if I rolled a dr < the current turn. Never made the roll and it ended up appearing on turn 4. Ah well….

By the time it rolled in was too late.  My forces were easily dealt with by Bill.  He left me no opening and he applied relentless pressure until they melted away.  That flame throwing tank was a monster!  Even my KV I was destroyed by the Pz IV.  A close combat roll at the end decided it.

In short, I had my head handed to my on a plate.  I can see I have a long way to go.