J148 Last Minute War – Josh vs Mike

Josh’s Slovaks defeated Mike’s Hungarians in J148 Last Minute War.

The Hungarians set up on both boards starting with 7 concealment counters, an OBA 70mm and ATG and AA.  Both sides had air support without bombs.

The Hungarians setup closer to the North and left part of the south open for Slovaks to come in.  With Mud, slovaks had to check for bog outside roads and move in platoon and face mechanical reliability.

The conscripts half squads moved up first to take fire and reveal Hungarian positions.  AFVs were split in half with movement East on the North to keep the Hungarians occupied and the South to try to flank.

The OBA was very successful and had battery access the entire scenario despite the scarce ammo and slowed down the Slovaks until the end.

The LMG on level one was able to destroy an AFV with a roll of 1,1.  Only 2 AFVs survived out of 5 to help the remaining Slovaks gain control of 11 buildings on the last turn.

Both FB were missing in battle until turn 4 when they ha to come on.  The Slovaks tried to kill the 9-1 leader with squad and MMG but was unsuccessful and the Hungarian FB attempted strafing on an AFV and adjacent squads in stone buildings without success.  Both FB ended up in dog fighting, both raking damage in CC and were still fighting it out at victory.

Hungarians created a leader in battle and killed a squad in CC leaving a lonely leader in melee under OBA fire in a foxhole.

Overall, interesting scenario although the Hungarians must be pretty spread out or leave a side open for Slovaks to advance quickly.