BFP39 Langoan Airfield – Josh vs Steve

Josh’s Japanese paratroopers have conceded to Steve’s Dutch in turn 3 (of 6.5).  My turn 3 DFPh was wickedly effective, with 2’s and 3’s eliminating several Japanese squads and leaders.  (If you can’t stripe ’em, then just kill ’em.)  Josh’s OB was effectively decimated, and his one possessed mortar malf’ed early.  Josh got diced.

Nevertheless, I learned a couple of things about air drop scenarios, and I thought I’d share them.

I clustered my defense at the west edge of the airfield on board 38, with lots of LOS across open ground.  As the paratroopers landed, I sprinted a few guys out to keep an eye on them while they looked around for arms canisters.  Harassing the paratroopers while they’re getting organized is important.

On offense, I feel Josh made a critical error by not regrouping before he began his attack.  Instead, he threw whatever guys were handy at my defenses, which allowed me to concentrate fire on his piece-meal attack.  I think he should have waited until he had a larger force assembled before he launched a more organized assault.

But whatever, Josh got thoroughly diced anyway.

Over and out,

Steve K.