AP64 A Well Engineered Ambush – Josh vs Paul


Paul’s Brits defeated Josh’s Axis in AP064 – A Well Engineered Ambush

Josh and I played A Well Engineered Ambush last night.  13 Elite British squads with 9 carriers fiendishly ambushed by 7 squads of Elite, self-rallying, 8-3-8 Assault engineers, and a couple of Italian tanks.  The first two turns went (predictably) badly for the British as the ambush was sprung and the column was being shot up from both sides.  The German HMG chewed up and spat out a couple of squads early, until the British could get one of their Lt Mtrs together and drop some Smoke on it.  The Smoke was key to the British victory, as it, turn after turn, smoked out the German kill stack (8-3-8, HMG, 9-1).  By turn 3, the British had mostly deployed, and the Carriers had formed an amoeba that was keeping the AA gun and another 8-3-8 at bay to the east.  A British squad went berserk, and killed an Italian tank in CC, which was the beginning of the end for the Axis.

On turn 4, TWO British units got HoB on Rallying, and both Battle Hardened to Fanatic and generated a Hero. Shortly after, the Germans threw in the towel – the other Italian tank was Recalled, his reinforcements were bunched up and looking into too many British rifles to continue.