60 Totsugeki! – Josh vs Ron

Saturday May 7, 2011

Ron defeated Josh as the Chinese.

Josh’s introduction to the PTO started with his troops coming from the South spread across from the East to the West.  The main forces were planning on advancing from the SE and SW of the map with a small contingent heading directly North from the middle as a decoy for the Chinese.

The East deployment were making good time with minimum casualties taking cover in the light jungle and kunai.  2 full squads and a leader made their way to the northern light jungle area closing in on the first gun they needed to destroy.  The heavily armed stack advanced on a position their intel told them contained a squad of Chinese but were disappointed to find nothing.  They pushed on and managed to throw a demo charge at the gun and destroying it before succumbing to the hands of the Chinese.

The West deployment proceeded slowly, attempting to take the Chinese in Hand-to-Hand combat but all leaders were wounded in the fierce battle.  Most squads also succumbed critical hits but a half squad managed to sneak in and bypassing to the west of the light jungle and was able to kill the crew manning the gun and destroying it.

The Japanese had one gun left to destroy, straight North.  A scattered half squad was rallied and approaching from the south but was quickly killed by the numerous Chinese hiding in the light jungle.  A wounded leader was able to find a demo charge and recover it from a fallen soldier and proceeded to charge the last gun manned by a crew of Chinese.  The leader made it to within meters of the gun and out of despair before surely losing his life decided to throw the demo charge at the gun but unfortunately the demo charge explode and killed the last leader and the gun crew survived, giving a victory to Ron’s Chinese!