43 Into the Fray – Dave vs Ron

September 1, 1939

Krojanty. Poland (west of Gdansk)

I set up 6 squads and an ATR in the big house on 33 knowing they were most likely going to Die in Place.  The remainder of my at start force slowly fell back until they made contact with my horse mounted reinforcements, which I brought in on Turn 1.  I wanted to get my horsemen into useful positions before Dave’s armour arrived.  Fortunately for me and my Board 33 DiPs my opponent had other plans

Dave sent his company of German Infantry mostly along board 4. He brought his turn 3 reinforcements of 2 tanks and 3 Armoured Kubelwagens in on Board 33 and drove them over to Board 4.  Because of the slowing down for the turn, I was able to knock out both his tanks by Turn 4 with the ATR on Board 33.  By this time I had my MMG set up with a good field of fire covering the ground over which he was attempting to drive his Kubelwagens on Turn 6.  The gun crew picked off 1 Wagon.  This plus 2 very well placed shots from my Sniper in rapid succession in the same DFP pushed Dave over his soft CVP cap.  On what turned out to the last shot of the game, Dave rolled HoB (Berserk) on a half squad, which sparked the sniper activity:  warm sniper finds a German 8 – 0 stacked with 467’s.  Dave Yahtzeed the Random Selection roll with the leader and 1 squad rolling 6.  I chose the leader for Casualty Reduction, and the wound was mortal.  The subsequent sniper attack on the squad was a 1, which in turn failed the LLMC.  I had inflicted enough other casualties during the rest of the game that this made victory for Dave impossible
It was a hard fought match the outcome of which was in doubt, right up until I shot the Kubelwagen.  Victory for my Polish troops