2017 Playoff Results

Semi Finals

Buckley’s Block (Paul’s Americans defeated Eldon’s Japanese).
AAR to follow

TBD (Ron versus Josh)
Game still to be played (January)




The 2017 Playoffs is being held with a new format.  The semi-finals are played in the month of January with the final game played in February.  Game venues would be arranged by the participants.  Selected games and sides would be determined as per CASLA tournament rules.

Five scenarios were selected for the playoffs. They are:

Scenario Journal
Title Turns Attackers(Rating) Defenders(Rating) Rating Notes
J184 12 Dayan to Meet You 5.5 Australian (7) Vichy (10) 6.29 Kakazu Ridge Map.
J189 12 Buckley’s Block 6 Japanese(24) American(24) 6.86 PTO. Mud and Rain.
J192 12 Taking Some Flak 5.5 Finns(3) German(9) 6.44
J193 12 Raff’s Rules 5.5 Americans(14) Germans(15) 6.29 Option to buy equipment/forces
Special NA Dragoons, Parachutistes, and the Dutch Resistance 5 Canadians(?) Germans(?) ? Paratroop landings rules.