2016 Playoff Results

The 2016 Playoffs was held on January 7, 2017 (Saturday) at Ron’s Bunker.  Everyone enjoyed some awesome chili provided by our host.

Five scenarios were selected for the playoffs. They are:


Semi Finals

Lenin’s Sons (Eldon’s Russians defeated Paul’s Germans).
Eldon’s Russians managed to perform a delaying action in the woods with most of his forces intact.  What sealed the victory was some atrocious rally attempt results by the Germans in the late game, preventing a formidable force from rejoining the battle.  Nevertheless, the game was decided on the last close combat rolls.

Friday the Thirteenth (Steve’s Germans defeated Ron’s Russians)
The most telling blow to the Russians came when a leader and several squads perished in a flaming building.  They were unable to escape via routing as they were encircled.  Though the Russians managed to eliminate all the Jagdpanzer IVs, the Germans were able to capture the required VP building.s  More comprehensive AAR to follow.


The Sangshak Redemption (Eldon’s Brits defeated Steve’s Japanese)
Steve’s Japanese was able to take the stone church and the beyond objective hexes, but was unable to prevent the Gurkhas from recapturing two of the objective hexes for the win.  As a result, Eldon is 2016 WASLC champion and will proudly display the WASLC trophy in his home for the coming year.